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UK Registered Learning Provider (UKRLP) 10087670

About Qualified Tutor

Qualified Tutor is a grassroots movement led by tutors and school-leaders to raise standards in the tutoring profession with the QT, a flexible yet comprehensive qualification and quality mark designed to enable and empower motivated tutors.

Meet the Team

Julia Silver BA, QTS, NPQH


Passionate about unlocking learning, Julia launched Qualified Tutor to enable tutors to improve outcomes for all our students.

Julia is Senior Leader in a primary school in London, has been tutoring for fifteen years and has children ranging in age from 4 to 14.

Ludo Millar BA (Oxon)


Ludo has been building and growing QT since the very first days and today, combines law school studies in London with his varied role at QT.

Check out the Qualified Tutor Podcast to hear more from Ludo.

Adrian Conway B Ed, MA, NPQH


Adrian was Senior Leader of a large secondary school in Cumbria.

He is now director of Neon Learning and pioneers online leadership courses for the DfE and many universities across the UK.

Dan Wardle


Dan is a student at University of Leeds where he studies Business Management. Dan is currently doing a remote apprenticeship at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Dan is a competitive boxer, and he began tutoring when he started university.

Dan has completed the Qualification for Tutors online seminar twice, and has been involved in Qualified Tutor since our earliest days.

Rose Matthews, BSc (Oxon)


Rose graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters in Biochemistry this summer.

Her interest in teaching began in Sixth Form when she mentored GCSE Maths students. She now specialises in Science and Maths tutoring.

Camilla Dunhill BA (Oxon)


Camilla graduated from the University of Oxford last September with a degree in French and Italian.

She has been tutoring since then alongside her work as songwriter, both in person and online for students of every age.

Amanda Cremona MAEd (SEN)

With extensive practical experience and a Masters in SEN Education, Amanda is passionate about finding ways to enable her students to be confident, self motivated learners. Amanda specialises in tutoring students with specific needs. She finds it really rewarding to share her skill set with other educators to enable them to perhaps think ‘outside the box’ with their teaching strategies when working with special need students.

With a belief that there is always something new to learn, Amanda hopes to inspire educators to keep open minded, to keep learning, and to share their own knowledge within the field.

Helen Kenworthy

Helen has worked as a teacher, tutor and leader in the area of education for over 25 years. She's driven by her passion to provide the best educational opportunities for all children and to work with teachers, school leaders and creatives to offer the best possible, child centred service. She believes all children have the right to be literate and numerate with an ability to problem solve and think creatively in order to have a fulfilling future. She believes that all children have the right to an education that makes sense to them!

Her specific areas of expertise include primary and secondary education, gifted education, Special Educational Needs, curriculum development and review, leadership mentoring and coaching, adult education, conflict mediation, capacity building and the use of the creative arts in education.

Dave Harris

With a background in languages and TEFL Education Management, Dave has taught English in Beijing, London and Stockholm to students from all walks of life. In 2012, he moved into online tuition with a focus on Business English for busy professionals both native and non-native speakers.

He now designs and teaches online English courses and has worked with all kinds of businesses and individuals including Citibank, Microsoft/Bing, Nielson, Embassies, Architects, Chiropractors, business owners and University students.

He is very excited to be part of the QT team, helping tutors to get the training and recognition their vital role deserves.

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