#4: They Can Only Be What They See

In the final part of this series, Jack delivers his finest piece yet with his all-time favourite phrase: ‘they can only be what they see’. Recognising tutors are not robots, Jack espouses the advantages of showing humility to your students and the lessons this will teach them.

#3: Behaviour Influences Behaviour

In the third of this 4-part series on behaviour, Jack again challenges us to question how we act. What we do matters but this doesn’t have to daunt you as a tutor – in fact, it can be the start of something special with your student, just like our 2 favourite hobbits …

#2: All Behaviour is Communication

In the second of the 4-part series, Jack Simmonds challenges us to question our own perceptions about behaviour in our students. Take, for example, the old stereotype of the distracted student rocking on their chair: are they really distracted, or are they trying to tell us something?